Employment Opportunities

There are seasonal work opportunities for Field Managers, Roving Hosts, and Campground Hosts. We have positions that offer 40 hours a week to as little as 16 hours a week. All host sites offer some type of utility hookups.

The employee must have their own RV.

If interested, please use the form below to submit your resume.

Campground Host Duties/Roving Host
Employee shall be responsible for campground host duties associated with one or more of Plumas National Forest campgrounds as part of a Forest Service Concessionaire Contract. This may include Kiosk’s, Day Use Areas, Boat Launches, and RV Waste Stations.

Employee must be able to pass a background check and random drug test, as well as possess a clear driving record. The employee must have their own RV.

Employee must possess a current CPR card. The Company will provide the CPR class at the expense of the employee ($45.00) which is refunded to the employee at the end of the season based on continuous seasonal employment.

The company will supply all materials and equipment required in accordance with the Special Use Permit and authorized Operating Plan for operations and maintenance of specific campgrounds sites.

When the Employee is not actively performing Host duties, the Employee is free to use his or her time for his or her own purposes.

Duties shall include but not be limited by:

  • Performing campground Host duties in accordance with Forest Service contract documents, including but not limited by: Approved Special Use Permit and Operating Plan, Plumas National Forest publications, Specific campground publications.
  • Representing Outdoors in Plumas to Forest Service employees and Federal stakeholders, other employees (i.e. campground hosts), and the general public.
  • Utilizing approved formats, construct and disseminate required reports and schedules required by the Company and/or Forest Service personnel. Prepare reports, expenses, maintaining filing systems, and other administrative duties as requested.
  • Maintain inventory and material lists associated with each campground.
  • Clean restrooms and campground areas. Standards shall be established by the Company and/or the Forest Service.
  • Collection of Campground Site Fees, Extra Vehicle Fees, and Firewood fees.
  • Other related duties as requested.
  • As a Roving Host to different campgrounds, kiosks, boat launches, day use areas, and RV Waste Stations all the duties above apply.

TERM: This contract term shall be in accordance with Forest Service approved seasonal opening and closing for the assigned campground.


  • Business mileage in personal vehicles must be approved by the office and will be reimbursed at the IRS approved rate. All mileage must be detailed on an expense reimbursement form.
  • The hourly wage is based on California minimum wage scale. Hours fluctuate based on size of campground, duties, position, and RV Site amenities.
  • Company Vehicles will be provided to Field Managers as needed; Golf Carts will also be provided where deemed necessary. Field Managers will also have a company credit card.

Field Manager Duties
Duties include all Host duties as outlined above. Field Managers will be responsible for managing other hosts, helping at campgrounds, day use areas, boat launches, etc. as needed. Also responsible for inventory ordering, inventory control, and financial collection and reporting.

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    For Immediate Release
    July 10, 2020

    An unprecedented amount of trash is being generated in the Plumas National Forest and it is causing a hazard for campers and area wildlife.

    Illegal dumping from dispersed camping in the region is causing the problem. “Dispersed camping” is the term used for camping anywhere in the National Forest OUTSIDE of a designated campground where limited to no services such as trash removal, bathrooms, fire pits or bear-proof boxes are provided.

    When the illegally dumped trash is added to the refuse being generated by registered campers, day use visitors, and boaters – it has made it impossible for the campground hosts to manage. This situation is a pervasive problem being reported throughout California’s National Forests.

    Outdoors in Plumas is doing everything we can to meet this problem but we cannot do it without your help and the help of the community.

    To meet the ongoing issue we have added extra staff, extra trash pick-up days, and we have added the maximum number of trash bins allowed and that can fit in the individual campgrounds. Please help keep our campgrounds, boat launches and day-use areas clean and safe. Dumping is illegal and the trashing of our forests, campgrounds, and community is everyone’s responsibility.

    Please help Plumas National Forest by:

    Pack Out Your Trash – You can help this issue by packing out your trash and disposing of it at home. We thank you for all you can do!

    If You See Something Report It – If you see illegal or suspicious dumping (dispose of furniture, automotive or industrial parts, oversized items, and hazardous products) please report any details to local authorities.

    Support our Campground Staff – Our staff care deeply about nature and the community. They have been working tiring schedules since Memorial Day and they are doing everything they can. Please support them during this time of need.

    Thank you for your help, patience and understanding. This is a real crisis that is affecting the state of California and every person’s contributions to keeping the area clean and safe is very much appreciated.